Sundance: Mingling with talent

Posted By ozan on February 05, 2015 09:25 am | Permalink
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1. Jason Isaacs, one of the stars of Nikole Beckwith's "Stockholm, Pennsylvania" was seen at the Blue Iguana picking up Sundance shwagg as well as a few smiles from adoring fans. 

2. Speaking of shwagg, Ryan Bonifacino, executive member of Alex and Ani was on hand to give out some of the most sought after giveaways of the festival. A former wunderkind of the venture capital and hedge fund game, Ryan helps to strengthen Alex & Ani as one of the fastest growing retailers in the world.  

3. Tolga Karacelik knows how to deal with critics of his newest premier "Ivy" in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition. The film takes place on a cargo ship stranded in the ocean. The crew hasn't been paid in months and needless to say, cabin fever ensues.       

4. Stef Dawson stars in an adaptation of Katharine Clark Gray's play "The Paper Store". Masterfully directed by Nicholas Gray, this story takes shape as a revenge satire about a college student who gets paid to forge essays, her client who becomes her lover (Penn Badgley) and their professor (Richard Kind).  

5. Who could miss the antics of master juggler and YouTube sensation Olga Kay at the BuzzFeed party. 

6. David Zayas was also on hand at one of the many after parties celebrating the successful trailer premier of "The Lennon Report" also starring Stef Dawson and Richard Kind. This intriguing drama takes us through the events of the night John Lennon was fatally shot and killed.