Sundance: New Frontier exhibit

Posted By Ozan on February 05, 2015 08:11 am | Permalink
Ozan is the business development manager at the award winning post production boutique Piranha ( He is responsible for facilitating the diverse mix of Indy film, advertising, architectural and corporate clients that expect top quality animation, cg, editing and sound design to showcase their projects. With over ten years of experience and networking, Ozan has amassed an assortment of who's who in the Indy film industry. When not expediting an investment, Ozan enjoys reading and watching classic movies. 

The New Frontier experience was a display of the newest interactive web based or cross platform approaches to story creation and story telling. Everything from virtual immersion to hologram display was available to experience. The new way of story telling is as exciting as being on the holodeck of the Starship Enterprise.

Derive is an amazing interactive projection that engages the subject's body motions and position to explore 3D reconstructions of urban spaces. It's really a wonderful blending of science and art. 

Birdly uses the Oculus rift headset in order to give a person the real feeling of flying over the city of San Francisco including the feeling of the breeze with the help of a fan placed in front of the participant. If you ever wanted to have the feeling of flying like a bird, this is it. 

1979 Revolution, from the makers of Rockstar Games, yes, the same guys that brought you the ability for senseless violence, brings the storytelling of Navid and Vassiliki Khonsari to reproduce the events of the 1979 Iranian revolution. It's a powerfully interactive game that immerses the participant into the revolution as it unfolds including a harrowing interrogation at the hands of the secret police.