Sundance: The Film Lounge

Posted By Ozan on February 05, 2015 08:04 am | Permalink
Ozan is the business development manager at the award winning post production boutique Piranha ( He is responsible for facilitating the diverse mix of Indy film, advertising, architectural and corporate clients that expect top quality animation, cg, editing and sound design to showcase their projects. With over ten years of experience and networking, Ozan has amassed an assortment of who's who in the Indy film industry. When not expediting an investment, Ozan enjoys reading and watching classic movies.  

At the Film LA lounge:

1. Qi Luo Producer of "Advantageous". This film is a futuristic look into the austere landscape of an ever disappearing opportunity for advanced learning. Jacqueline Kim and Samantha Kim lead us through a labyrinth of opulence as they struggle to remain viable in an ever unaffordable future.    

2. Fabio Golombek (FJ Productions) and Aimee Schoof (Intrinsic Value Films) Producers of "Experimenter" The Stanley Milgram Story. The story of the now famous Stanley Milgram psychology experiment conducted in 1961 at Yale University. Starring Peter Sarsgaard as Stanley Milgram who through his controversial experiments delves into the human psyche to explain how someone can follow orders in order to do horrible things to another human being. This film also stars Winona Ryder as Sasha and John Leguizamo. 

3. Isen Robbins (Intrinsic Value Films) Producer of "Experimenter" Isen's past projects have produced four Gotham nominations, five Independent Spirit nominations and a Sundance Special Grand Jury prize.