Nvidia offers desktop-class performance, without the desktop

Posted By Sandeep Gupte on October 08, 2015 07:30 am | Permalink
If you're a designer, artist, architect or engineer, inspiration can strike anywhere. And when that happens, you need easy access to the right tools to capture your ideas.

To accomplish your best work, wherever you may be, nothing provides the horsepower and flexibility to create like our new Nvidia Quadro graphics for mobile workstations. Launched October 1st, the Nvidia Quadro M5000M, M4000M, M3000M, M2000M, M1000M and M600M mobile GPUs give you a full range of choices to power your workflows.

Built on Maxwell

Built on our Maxwell GPU architecture, this new generation of Quadro processors delivers incredible performance and power efficiency. It's up to 2X faster than its predecessor, with up to 8GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory, the largest on any mobile workstation.

Quadro-powered mobile workstations pack enough punch to run the same demanding professional applications as desktop workstations-at nearly the same level of performance with lower power consumption. This includes the complex, resource-intensive applications that media and entertainment, design, engineering and other professionals rely on to bring their creations to life.

Over six years of testing goes into ensuring the reliability and performance of Quadro GPUs and their drivers. They are already certified for more than 100 applications ensuring compatibility with applications such Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk and others. Plus these GPUs accelerate NVIDIA Iray, our physically based rendering technology, by more than 2X over the previous generation. So, creating photorealistic renderings on the go is a breeze.

Rolling Out Over Rest of Year

You'll find our latest mobile GPUs in workstation models launching throughout the rest of the year, including in the new Dell Precision 15 5000 Series, and the Dell Precision 15 and 17 7000 series, the HP ZBook workstations, and the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70.

Pros were given an early look at some of these workstations at Adobe MAX, the global creativity conference that took place in Los Angeles from October 3rd through 9th.

Sandeep Gupte is Nvidia's Senior Director, Product Marketing for Quadro.