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  • LA Comic Con

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    LOS ANGELES - 91,000 attendees came to Los Angeles Comic Con (formerly known as Comikaze Con) October 28 thru October 30th. What I loved about this, is that it didn't feel crowded despite all the people. Downtown Los Angeles is in the middle of a ... Continue reading "LA Comic Con" »

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  • Canon debuts C700 at ASC Clubhouse

    Posted By Anthony Magliocco

    HOLLYWOOD - I have had the pleasure of attending several camera debuts over my 37 years working in Hollywood. The format of these events is a simple formula: An executive from the manufacturer makes some introductory remarks, thanking the team and ... Continue reading "Canon debuts C700 at ASC Clubhouse" »

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  • Review: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    CENTURY CITY, CA - Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, starring Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders, based on the books by Lee Childs, finds Tom Cruise as the vigilante former Army Military Police Commander who takes on bad guys because he didn't like the way his ... Continue reading "Review: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" »

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  • Kubo and the Two Strings

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    SANTA MONICA - Kubo and the Two String is an exquisite, extraordinary, epic adventure story with influences from Japanese culture and mythology. This movie is definitely going to have an Oscar buzz this awards season. It is such a wonderful, ... Continue reading "Kubo and the Two Strings" »

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  • SIGGRAPH 2016: Women in Tech

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    ANAHEIM, CA - Diversity is a huge subject being talked about in the media today. Anyone who watched the Academy Awards could not miss the protests for the need for more diversity in the Academy. Our country may soon elect the first female president ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2016: Women in Tech" »

    July 29, 2016 | Permalink

  • SIGGRAPH 2016: 'Civil War' & 'Jungle Book' sessions

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    ANAHEIM, CA - Today, the exhibit floor opened. It was smaller than last year, but that didn't stop the excitement about VR/AR technology, a big focus of the convention this year. Attendees flocked to the exhibits, seeking out the latest and greatest. ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2016: 'Civil War' & 'Jungle Book' sessions" »

    July 27, 2016 | Permalink

  • SIGGRAPH 2016 opens in Anaheim

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    ANAHEIM, CA - The SIGGRAPH Convention opened Sunday in Anaheim, CA, with CG artists, architects, graphic designers, visual effects masters, animators, VR wizards including game artists & interactive media. A cool geek culture that is just at home ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2016 opens in Anaheim" »

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  • Nvidia ups the ante for VR & design with new GPU

    Posted By Bob Pette

    We're showing the extraordinary power of the new Quadro Pascal platform for artists, designers and animators at this week's SIGGRAPH conference, the world's largest event for computer graphics. We're launching the most powerful workstation GPU, and ... Continue reading "Nvidia ups the ante for VR & design with new GPU" »

    July 25, 2016 | Permalink

  • Discovering VFX: Virtual Explorations

    Posted By Drew Turney

    LOS ANGELES - On June 11th, a dedicated clutch of directors, producers, VFX engineers and artists made their way to Hurlbut Visuals studios in LA's San Fernando Valley for "Discovering VFX: Virtual Explorations," and Post was there to cover the ... Continue reading "Discovering VFX: Virtual Explorations" »

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  • GTC 2016: The Future Is Here

    Posted By Karen Moltenbrey

    SAN JOSE, CA - The Nvidia GTC conference kicked off in San Jose, and the first day proved to be quite impressive. In fact, I was won over during the first two hours, which was when Nvidia co-founder/CEO Jen-Hsun Huang delivered his keynote speech. ... Continue reading "GTC 2016: The Future Is Here" »

    April 6, 2016 | Permalink | Comments(0)

  • Smart tagging at REAL2016

    Posted By Scott Singer

    At Autodesk's REAL2016 conference, there was a bit of technology that might become of some use for film and video editorial ingest. The conference, which brings together reality capture and computing technology to service the architecture, industrial ... Continue reading "Smart tagging at REAL2016" »

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  • Post production in the age of synthetic video

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    At the 2016 HPA Retreat, now run by SMPTE, the hallmark informal interaction between industry media professionals continues. In fact, there will be a UK version of the HPA retreat in July 2016. Some other news is that Leon Silverman stepped down as ... Continue reading "Post production in the age of synthetic video" »

    February 22, 2016 | Permalink | Comments(0)

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