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  • Post production in the age of synthetic video

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    At the 2016 HPA Retreat, now run by SMPTE, the hallmark informal interaction between industry media professionals continues. In fact, there will be a UK version of the HPA retreat in July 2016. Some other news is that Leon Silverman stepped down as ... Continue reading "Post production in the age of synthetic video" »

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  • Previs: Blur employs GPU rendering for 'Deadpool' open

    Posted By Gail Laguna

    It's amazing the kind of mayhem that can be unleashed when cutting-edge technology gets pushed past its old limits. Consider Deadpool, which tells the tale of Wade Winston Wilson, a Special Forces operative turned mercenary whose mutant powers are ... Continue reading "Previs: Blur employs GPU rendering for 'Deadpool' open" »

    February 16, 2016 | Permalink

  • Sundance 2016: In Conclusion

    Posted By Audra Coulombe

    Hey everyone! I made it to the end, and if you've been reading with me, so have you. High fives all around! I attended the second half of Sundance, and based on what I've heard, it seems that the festival is like this: busier at the beginning, calmer ... Continue reading "Sundance 2016: In Conclusion" »

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