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  • Sundance 2016: VR, Slamdance & Newtown

    Posted By Audra Coulombe

    Day 2.5 of Sundance started off with a visit to the Condition One VR installation on Main Street. I was on my Martian VR Experience high from the night before and wanted to go to other cool places in the world (or, you know, out of this ... Continue reading "Sundance 2016: VR, Slamdance & Newtown" »

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  • Sundance 2016: On the Ground

    Posted By Audra Coulombe

    On my way to the airport yesterday morning, while listening to Seal's entire catalogue, my Uber driver looks at me in his rearview mirror and says, "That jacket will be warm enough for Utah?" Sergey was from Azerbaijan via Moscow. He probably knows a ... Continue reading "Sundance 2016: On the Ground" »

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  • Sundance 2016: A Prologue

    Posted By Audra Coulombe

    Tomorrow, Wednesday January 27th, marks my inaugural trip to Sundance, which means that if you follow this blog for the next few days, you're going to get a somewhat new perspective. Some might say "newbie" perspective. I'm going to go with "fresh" ... Continue reading "Sundance 2016: A Prologue" »

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  • 2015: A banner year for film

    Posted By Steve Bellamy

    It has been a banner year for film, with so many award contender movies shot on the medium including: Star Wars, Bridge Of Spies, The Big Short, Carol, Joy, Steve Jobs, Trainwreck, Love And Mercy, Spectre, Black Mass, Mission Impossible and Son Of ... Continue reading "2015: A banner year for film" »

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  • Open House: VFX studio The Molecule in NYC

    Posted By Marc Loftus

    NEW YORK - Post stopped by The Molecule ( in New York City recently, where the studio was wrapping up a busy year that included work on more than 15K VFX shots for both film and television projects. The Molecule's COO/VFX ... Continue reading "Open House: VFX studio The Molecule in NYC" »

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