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  • SIGGRAPH 2016: Women in Tech

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    ANAHEIM, CA - Diversity is a huge subject being talked about in the media today. Anyone who watched the Academy Awards could not miss the protests for the need for more diversity in the Academy. Our country may soon elect the first female president ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2016: Women in Tech" »

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  • SIGGRAPH 2016: 'Civil War' & 'Jungle Book' sessions

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    ANAHEIM, CA - Today, the exhibit floor opened. It was smaller than last year, but that didn't stop the excitement about VR/AR technology, a big focus of the convention this year. Attendees flocked to the exhibits, seeking out the latest and greatest. ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2016: 'Civil War' & 'Jungle Book' sessions" »

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  • SIGGRAPH 2016 opens in Anaheim

    Posted By Akiko Ashley

    ANAHEIM, CA - The SIGGRAPH Convention opened Sunday in Anaheim, CA, with CG artists, architects, graphic designers, visual effects masters, animators, VR wizards including game artists & interactive media. A cool geek culture that is just at home ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2016 opens in Anaheim" »

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  • Nvidia ups the ante for VR & design with new GPU

    Posted By Bob Pette

    We're showing the extraordinary power of the new Quadro Pascal platform for artists, designers and animators at this week's SIGGRAPH conference, the world's largest event for computer graphics. We're launching the most powerful workstation GPU, and ... Continue reading "Nvidia ups the ante for VR & design with new GPU" »

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