SIGGRAPH 2016 opens in Anaheim

Posted By Akiko Ashley on July 26, 2016 06:13 am | Permalink
ANAHEIM, CA - The SIGGRAPH Convention opened Sunday in Anaheim, CA, with CG artists, architects, graphic designers, visual effects masters, animators, VR wizards including game artists & interactive media. A cool geek culture that is just at home creating art with digital technology & playing Pokemon GO. 

The primary focus in 2016 is VR & AR. Students from some of the best art schools descend upon SIGGRAPH to take courses, see production presentations, and filled with the hope of landing their first studio job. I notice that many of the courses offered this year focus on VR/AR or the video games industry: realtime rendering, augmented reality principles & practice, physically based shading in theory & practice. 

In the 90 degree weather attendees are networking outside while parked food trucks attend to their needs. There are a few other conventions close by including Web3D. It is probably best to take some pics and show you around the day before the exhibits open.