Dell Precisions offer improved speed and memory

Posted By Rahul Tikoo on June 24, 2016 08:15 am | Permalink
It's an exciting time for creators. With all the new technology and solutions coming to the market, professional creators now have more powerful and comprehensive tools at their disposal than ever before. From filmmakers and artists to designers and engineers, all are branching into new areas of creation using key new technologies such as virtualization, virtual reality and augmented reality. We're continually listening to our customers' needs and working hard to deliver the right solutions with the best performance for our customers to bring projects, big and small, to completion faster and easier.
Last fall, we introduced a sleek, new portfolio of Dell Precision mobile workstations purpose-built for professionals to manage critical workloads. These new mobile workstations combined the beauty of a thinner, lighter form factor with leading industrial design and brilliant displays, in addition to stunning performance gains with new processors that include the latest graphics technology, and faster memory and storage. The response to the new devices has been extremely positive from our customers. 
Six months into the life cycle of our new Dell Precision Mobile Workstations, we are pleased to announce updates to our Dell Precision mobile workstation, offering even more memory, speed and processing power for our customers. 
The Dell Precision 7000 series Mobile Workstations, 7510 and 7710 will offer two of the recently announced Intel Xeon processors, the E3-1545 v5 and E3-1575 v5, which will deliver up to 20 percent better performance than the previous processors across a breadth of single and multi-threaded workloads. These Intel Xeon processors are the most powerful in our mobile line-up and allow each core and compute thread to access 128MB of additional embedded on-package memory support with Iris Pro graphics efficiency and also includes hardware-enhanced security and manageability capabilities to better secure data and lower operational costs.
Faster memory, no problem. Due to close work with our partners, the 7510 and 7710 mobile workstations will also be the only workstations to offer SuperSpeed memory, which features up to 32GB of DDR4 2667MHz memory and allows the workstations to out preform their predecessors by 23 percent.[1] Other upgrades being announced include, the Dell 5510 Precision Mobile Workstation receiving an i5-6440HQ processor and Dell's Reliable Memory Technology Pro availability on the 3510, 7510 & 7710 mobile workstations with ECC memory support to help ensure precious data is protected. These unique innovations will give users the ability to render dense computer-aided engineering workloads more quickly and efficiently than ever before. When doing multi-thread or multi-core work, these workstations will be able to leverage the extra memory and engineers will be able to easily handle computations with crazy high calculation counts.  
Just imagine the time saved in the production studio or the architecture firm with faster processing and higher frequency that will be enabled by the memory. With this update, we're delivering on the immediate needs we've been hearing from customers and it supports our continued momentum for delivering the right solutions for professional creators with Dell Precision. 
Earlier this spring, we revealed configurations for virtual reality commercial PCs, introducing our first VR-ready Precision Tower Workstations. The Dell Precision Tower Workstations and Rack 7910 were upgraded with the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors (Broadwell), which offer more cores and performance for multi-threaded applications that are ideal for professional modeling, analysis, and calculations. Dell Precision Workstations were also behind the powerful animation of the recent "Angry Birds The Movie."
At Dell, our goal is to create the best products that allow our customers to do their best work; and they've responded by making Dell Precision the #1 workstations in North America over the past 5 quarters. These performance boosts allow them to be leaders in their industry and our lower price point allows the technology to be deployed more broadly than ever before. Dell Precision is proud to push the innovation barriers and continue to create technology that meets the most pressing needs of our customers.

Rahul Tikoo is Executive Director and General Manager for Dell Precision.