'At Home with Monsters' with Guillermo Del Toro at LACMA

Posted By Akiko Ashley on October 25, 2016 12:15 pm | Permalink
LOS ANGELES - Halloween brings all the creatures of the night out into the forefront of mythology. Nothing compares to the collection of Guillermo Del Toro's monsters. All of his films reveal the beasts, freaks, and monster that fill his imagination. LACMA currently has an exhibit called "At Home with Monsters" featuring Guillermo Del Toro's unique personal collection of horror, science fiction, and fantasy collectibles. 

A giant Frankenstein head hangs above the doors of one of the rooms, reminding you of the classic Frankenstein film with Boris Karloff. At this size it can be foreboding. Guillermo Del Toro's personal collection includes his dark creatures from his films like Pans Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, and Crimson Peak. The rooms flow in a way that reveals a part of his creative inspiration. It may take a moment to get through each room as you may find yourself studying a piece for longer then you expected. 

500 pieces come from his own personal collection. Del Toro has directed nine films that have illustrated his fondness for creating unique characters that live in the dark worlds. The exhibit features few of his production drawings, illustrated production notebooks concept art from Hellboy, Crimson Peak, and Pans Labyrinth. Each room in this exhibit depicts a unique theme, from classic horror monsters like Frankenstein to Nosferatu and in another room, fantasy creatures from Ray Harryhausen's world play on a sculpture lap, and Del Toro's own original monsters appear so life like, you step back a moment to make sure. 

Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft sculptures and portraits point to a strong influence in Del Toro's storytelling. Interesting to see the suit from Pacific Rim in this exhibit with sculptures of the Kaiju standing on a bookcases. Mike Mignola art pages from his Hellboy comics line a wall. Marvel's Classic Horror comics appear in a collection case. In one of the exhibit rooms you could miss the Hellboy costume with props as it is tucked in a corner. Dark horror and fantasy art from artists such as William Blake, Rick Geary, and Richard Corben are among the artists in this collection. 

The Exhibit will be at LACMA until November 27th, and then will travel to other museum sites following this show. I shot a lot of photos and for those of you unable to see the exhibit or know little about the exhibit. Pictures are better to embody what is truly on display here. In the spirit of Halloween, these photos remind us what lurks in the night.