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  • Learning new things in media workflows

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is just about at the peak of the Gartner hype curve, disillusionment will follow. But in the meantime, we can look at how in-depth analysis of unstructured data, like media and entertainment files, can lead to increased ... Continue reading "Learning new things in media workflows" »

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  • Does your display have a hidden cost?

    Posted By

    Organizations of all sizes have many costs. In addition to large expenses like employee salaries and healthcare, there is still rent, technology, and utilities. Companies are prepared for these costs. They expect the hefty prices associated with ... Continue reading "Does your display have a hidden cost?" »

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  • SIGGRAPH 2017 - I blinked, and it was over

    Posted By David Blumenfeld

    As seems to happen all too quickly, the last day of SIGGRAPH was once again upon me. I left the house this morning looking at my watch, trying to remember what time we were officially married. Today was my 14th wedding anniversary, and I asked my ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2017 - I blinked, and it was over" »

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  • SIGGRAPH 2017: Cities, Mandlebulbs & Beyond

    Posted By David Blumenfeld

    Today was another great day at the show, and I arrived inspired and ready to dive into a few Production Sessions as well as spend some time on the expo floor. I try to break up my limited schedule pretty evenly among the large-scale "making-of" ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2017: Cities, Mandlebulbs & Beyond" »

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  • SIGGRAPH 2017: Back Again, But For How Long?

    Posted By David Blumenfeld

    After a year away, SIGGRAPH is back in Los Angeles, and once more, I'm fortunate enough to spend a few days checking out the latest tech, production recaps, and other highlights those in the visual effects, animation, and computer graphics fields ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH 2017: Back Again, But For How Long?" »

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  • Rodeo FX's workflow inspires new Shotgun tools

    Posted By Rob Blau

    Shotgun's development has always been driven by close collaboration with our customers. By diving into the field, we get a better handle on how Shotgun is being used and get to see firsthand the challenges that keep customers up at night. Through ... Continue reading "Rodeo FX's workflow inspires new Shotgun tools" »

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