Blog: Lightbox Expo

Posted By Akiko Ashley on September 09, 2019 06:44 am | Permalink
PASADENA, CA - Lightbox Expo ( is a new kind of convention event that focuses on the artists from animation, live action, comics, graphics arts & games. Software companies like Procreate, Adobe, Maxon, Autodesk & Wacom are sponsors, as well as studios like Netflix, Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Sony Animation & Riot Games. 

The interesting thing about Lightbox Expo is the sheer amount of talent, from top-level artists like Mark "Crash" McCreery, to rookies just starting out. This is where hand-drawn skills meet technology, with artists using Procreate on the iPad or other tablets to create characters & worlds, to Adobe Photoshop sketches turned into hand-drawn 2D animation. 

Lightbox Expo, in its first year at the Pasadena Convention Center, attracted thousands wanting to meet other artists exhibiting at the show, or attend talks, panels & demos by veterans of the biz.  Studios like Netflix, Sony Animation, Warner Animation, Dreamworks and Riot Games were among many looking for new artistic talent.