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  • Blog: Changing the infrastructure design dynamic

    Posted By Rickard Lönneborg

    In the interconnected post production world that we operate in, a well-designed media supply chain cannot exist or be built in isolation. To be effective, it must be built around users. It should be designed with users' needs in mind, as opposed to ... Continue reading "Blog: Changing the infrastructure design dynamic" »

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  • You spoke. We delivered!

    Posted By Terri Davies

    Since joining the Motion Picture Association (MPA) in February, my work as president of the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) has been guided by three core principles: Simplicity, transparency and forward momentum. From the start, I have listened closely ... Continue reading "You spoke. We delivered!" »

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  • NAB 2022: Expectations vs. reality

    Posted By Heath Firestone

    To find out, you may want to ready my "What to Expect at NAB 2022" blog post, here. It was an unusual year for NAB, and for all the ways it was different, there were many things that felt just like any other NAB, which is a good thing, I think we all ... Continue reading "NAB 2022: Expectations vs. reality" »

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  • NAB 2022: Atomos shows cloud connectivity

    Posted By Heath Firestone

    One of the big focusses at NAB 2022, was sharing of content with collaborators over the cloud. Atomos certainly was one of those companies showing products which directly addressed this new way of working, no doubt sped along by pandemic prompted ... Continue reading "NAB 2022: Atomos shows cloud connectivity" »

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