NAB 2022: Atomos shows cloud connectivity

Posted By Heath Firestone on May 03, 2022 11:36 am | Permalink
One of the big focusses at NAB 2022, was sharing of content with collaborators over the cloud. Atomos certainly was one of those companies showing products which directly addressed this new way of working, no doubt sped along by pandemic prompted remote working. Either way, in many ways this is the future of some kinds of media production. Now our tools and connections are giving us the ability to do this much less painfully than past solutions.

Atomos was showing their Atomos Connect product which is an add-on module for the Ninja V and V+, which adds connectivity and proxy generation to feed directly from the camera to cloud resources like, or when working with Mavis as a live multi-camera switcher with advanced functionality like talk-back. They also showed their Shogun Connect which has everything built into one unit, and both HDMI and SDI in and out with conversion from one to the other built into the unit.

So with one unit, you can monitor HDR, record RAW, record proxies, and connect to either wired, or wirelessly, all for undeer $1300, shipping in June.

Check out my interview below.