July 19, 2002


SEATTLE, WA - American Production Services (APS), with locations in both North Hollywood and Seattle, has changed its name to Victory Studios. The new name, says CEO Conrad Denke, coincides with a change in the company's overall business model for post production.

"Old business models in post production simply don't work any more," says Denke, "and we have to change just like everyone else who is going to survive."

APS was an early adopter of high definition technology. The studio has been working in the format for the past four years, and served as a beta site for Sony, helping to iron out bugs in both the 1080i/60 and 1080p/24 formats. The company has also pioneered efforts in overcranking in the 24P format. In addition to linear HD services, the facility can provide nonlinear HD editing via Sony's high-end Xpri system. The Los Angeles location is a further extension Seattle's HD capabilities.