July 9, 2002


SAN FRANCISCO - Macromedia (www.macromedia.com) has introduced the Flash Communication Server MX, a new server that runs on a PC and integrates support for streaming media, multi-way video, audio, and text messaging, and realtime collaboration on Websites and rich Internet applications. The server also takes advantage of the popular Macromedia Flash Player, as well as the capabilities of the Macromedia MX product family.

The solution's streaming media features allow developers to integrate streaming video and audio with motion graphics into a customizable player environment. The communication server takes advantage of the new Macromedia Flash Player 6 to receive and transmit video, audio and data. Visitors to the site need only Macromedia Flash Player to participate in the interactive environment. The Flash Player automatically recognizes installed microphones and standard USB or FireWire Webcams. To date, the latest Flash Player has been adopted faster than any player in Macromedia's history.

"With the release of Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX, we are empowering developers to transform the Internet from a world of text and data into a space filled with live human interactions," explains Jonathan Gay, VP of engineering for Macromedia.

The Flash Communication Server MX is now available. Pricing is $499 for the Personal Edition, and starts at $4,500 for the Professional Edition.