December 6, 2002


MOUNTAIN, VIEW, CA - Pinnacle Systems ( is now shipping Version 2.5 of its StreamFactory encoder adding MPEG-4 and RealNetworks' RealVideo 9 encoding capabilities for delivering streaming video to Web and wireless devices, including mobile phones and PDAs. Using StreamFactory's MultiStream capability users can encode up to four simultaneous streams in any combination of MPEG-4, RealVideo, Windows Media and QuickTime formats. The new encoding capabilities are available from within StreamFactory's easy-to-use HTML interface.

RealVideo 9 is RealNetworks' latest video compression technology, employs encoding techniques that enable consumers to view high-quality, full-motion video using dial-up modems, VHS-quality starting at 160Kbps, and near-DVD-quality video with surround sound at a fraction of the bit rate of MPEG-2 technology. "Companies are embracing RealVideo 9 because it makes video a compelling experience for narrowband users and enables a TV-like viewing experience for broadband users," notes RealNetworks' VP of media systems Dan Sheeran.

In addition to the new encoding options, StreamFactory Version 2.5 offers several operational enhancements. A new save/recall feature enhances workflow by enabling users to save input and encoder settings for instant recall and application to new streaming projects. The graphics interface has been improved with a network browse window that lets the user find graphics without having to know the entire path name as in previous versions. Video on Demand applications will benefit from a new feature that enables RealVideo and Windows Media streams to be sent directly to an archive without being first sent to a server.

Version 2.5 is available immediately on new StreamFactory systems and is available as an upgrade for $495.