October 21, 2002


NEWBURY, UK - Quantel, here, and Cintel have developed a high-speed interface between Quantel's iQ finishing system and Cintel's DSX, C-Reality and Rascal film scanners. The result allows the iQ to be directly controlled by the Cintel scanners, thereby helping to boost productivity in a virtual grading environment.

Mark Horton, market develop manager at Quantel notes, "Quantel and Cintel customers will find great practical use in being able to quickly and easily assemble and conform multiple resolutions with the speed and ease of working in standard definition."

"Many of our customers are moving into the data environment and are looking for simple and effective solutions for managing the complex processes of film transfer, data management, grading, compositing and mastering," adds Adam Welsh, managing director of Cintel. "Combining Cintel and Quantel technology gives customers 'best of breed' tools to work in the new data environment."