June 3, 2002


NEW YORK - Director Spike Lees' latest film documentary, Jim Brown - All American underwent post production at Tape House Companies. The film contains interviews shot on Super 16 processed skip bleach, location footage shot on Reversal cross-processed, plus a multitude of archive materials from various video formats.

Negative matcher Noelle Penraat conformed film elements into single-strand rolls of like source elements and created an EDL for auto-assembly of the transferred elements. Director of photography Ellen Kuras supervised color correction of all of the elements with Tape House colorist Joe Gawler, who then transferred the film elements to Panasonic 24P HD D-5 tapes on the Spirit Datacine using the Pandora MegaDef color corrector with Thomson's Scream grain management tools.

The main title sequence was color corrected and scanned to data files and delivered to Big Film Design. Archive video materials were tape-to-tape color corrected using the Pandora Pogle and were then up converted to HD by Christian Zak using Tape House Digital Films' proprietary software interpolation.

The entire feature was then conformed and titled by editor Peter Heady on the Quantel iQ from HD D-5 source tapes and the main and end title sequence data files created by Big Film Design. 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks editor Mark Fason supervised the IQ online.

Lee screened and fine-tuned each reel prior to his final edit review and approval. After editorial approval, a D-5 master was created and reviewed by post supervisor Barry Brown for the films eventual fall 2002 run on HBO. Sound One in NYC handled the audio post. The film was also loaded onto a QuVis QuBit digital server to premiere in digital projection at the Directors Guild Theater on W. 57th Street in Manhattan.

The HD data of the entire film was also transferred to 35mm motion picture film by Christian Zak of Tape House Digital Film using the ArriLaser film recorder. The film was subsequently released theatrically , running in both New York and Los Angeles making it eligible for Academy Award consideration.