May 31, 2002


SANTA MONICA - La Agencia de Orci & Asociados, which focuses on the Hispanic market, enlisted production company V12 ( and Crew Cuts ( for Verizon's new Progress campaign.

The spots follow different characters through a myriad of environments and seamlessly transition from exterior street scenes to interiors of a building and then out to a park, making it seem as if the entire spot was shot in one fluid camera move.

To pull off the complexity of moving quickly from one place to another, the tightly scripted spots took a lot of choreography and even more pre-visualization with the help of Pixel Liberation Front.

V12 put a Stedicam operator on a 75-foot crane to capture what it could live but Crew Cuts' editor David Lee had to smoothly interweave 10 shots and nine transitions, and speed up the long takes to get it down to :30. Lee primarily performed these wipes, motion blurs and matte effects to connect the shots in an Avid. One spot in the campaign was finished using Discreet's Flame and the other two were finished on a Quantel Henry.