May 28, 2003


UNITED KINGDOM - Abbey Road Interactive has purchased a Media 100 844/X nonlinear editing/compositing system, which it will use to design menus and interactive navigation systems for the DVD titles it produces. Abbey Road Interactive ( launched in 1996 and focuses on interactive design and digital video. The new 844/X will be paired with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, as well as with Sonic Solutions' Scenarist and the studio's existing Media 100 editing systems.

"844/X will enable our designers and video editors to be creative with ideas in the studio without waiting for long periods of rendering," says Abbey Road technical manager Rob Pinniger. "They'll be able to try out a wider range of ideas, knowing that if one doesn't work, they won't have wasted hours of rendering. In addition, the speed advantages that 844/X offers will allow us to increase our capacity and improve profitability."