April 1, 2003


PHOENIX, AZ - Facility provider and systems integrator Colorado Studios has installed an Abekas Dveous/HD DVE in Western Mobile Television's new high definition mobile truck here. The HD truck will be used to cover sports and entertainment events. The project furthers Colorado Studios' experience working on HD trucks, having already built two for high definition broadcaster HDNet.

"This latest one is our largest trucks to date," says Colorado Studios president Philip Garvin, "and the first we've built that will work in both 720 and 1080i formats. In terms of the breadth and volume of HD broadcasting, this is something of a breakthrough year and the demand for HD facilities is increasing all the time." The Western Mobile Television truck can operate simultaneously in both high definition and standard definition. The Dveous/HD system can operate in any of the current HD formats.

"Our long association with Abekas products goes back to 1985 and the A52," Garvin notes. "We have many standard definition Dveous installations in our existing trucks, and we've always been more than happy with the technology."