June 20, 2003


LOS ANGELES - A giant thespian comes up with giant ideas in the :60 film "Big Idea," directed by Randy Roberts of Rhythm & Hues (www.rhythm.com) for Bombay Sapphire.

Continuing its "Sapphire Inspired Films" campaign, Bombay and agency Margeotes Feritta Partners New York commissioned two concepts for production and broadcast from over a hundred submissions worldwide. In addition to Rhythm & Hues "Big Idea," an animated piece from New York design collective Psyop was selected.

A pictorial fable played out on a theater stage to an engaged audience, "Big Idea" opens on stage hands pulling a man the size of a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon down from the rafters. The giant has a question mark over his head and as he bends down to look down a hole on stage the hovering question mark drops down the hole. He reaches down the hole and pulls out an exclamation point. A light bulb appears above his head as he uses the explanation point to play racquetball against the back wall of the stage. The ball strikes the light bulb sending the giant man falling to the ground. He reaches down in the hole once again and pulls out the word "Inspiration."

Gunslinger Digital did all the CG graphics of the typography and the racquetball movement. Rhythm & Hues cut the short on-set using Avid Media Express and then finished in Avid Symphony. Discreet Flame was used for the extensive compositing.