June 11, 2003


SEATTLE - Digital Farm (www.digitalfarm.com), a full service digital media design studio, received two awards from the DVD Association (DVDA) for its role in the development of Scene it?, the DVD movie trivia game.

At an awards ceremony last night at the DVD 2003 International Conference in Gaithersburg, MD, Digital Farm president Bill Kuper was presented with the 2003 DVD-Video Excellence Award, and the 2003 DVD Navigation Design & Implementation Award.

DVD-Video Excellence Award was presented to Digital Farm for its demonstration of excellence in the use of the DVD-video format, with an emphasis on high quality video, audio, subpictures, interactive menus and special features, such as motion menus, multiple camera angles, multiple audio tracks, multiple subpicture streams, dual layer, jacket pictures and text data.

The Navigation Design and Implementation Award, dubbed a "craft" award, was presented to Digital Farm for its demonstration of excellence in the use of the navigation features of the DVD-video specification, with an emphasis on SPRM and GPRM register usage, interactive features and seamless branching.

These awards are specifically attributed to Digital Farm's role in the development of Scene it? and the creation of a breakthrough DVD technology call DVD Enhancement Engine Technology, which provides the key functionality and flow for this innovative new game.

DVD Enhancement Engine Technology is a DVD programming technique developed by Digital Farm that enables it to create custom-tailored, highly-unique interactive experience for its clients on a standard DVD. By tapping into and enhancing the operating systems of traditional DVD players, Digital Farm's Advanced DVD Enhancement Team can create custom digital experiences based on the clients' requirements. One of the first "engines" developed by this team for its client, Screenlife, was the Optreve DVD Enhancement Engine. Optreve is a first-of-its-kind DVD technology that enables traditional DVD players to randomly access hundreds of video clips and puzzlers, keep track of games already played and ensure a completely new playing experience for the user. This level of capability has never been accomplished before with DVD technology and has resulted in the creation of the world's first DVD movie trivia game to combine the concept of a traditional family board game with a digitally-driven multimedia experience on DVD.