June 6, 2003


EL SEGUNDO, CA - Receiving high definition content at home will get a little easier on July 1st, as satellite provider DirecTV has announced that it is launching a new HD programming package. The new package will be available as a satellite subscription for $10.99 per month and will include ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet and HDNet Movies. DirecTV also plans on providing customers with special event broadcasts in HD, similar to events such as the Masters Tournament, NBA games and NBA TV programming blocks which were broadcast in HD in the past.

"DIRECTV has been a passionate proponent of HDTV since it launched the first coast-to-coast HD-feed more than four years ago," says Stephanie Campbell, senior VP of programming for DirecTV. "Over the last year, as the HD category has gained tremendous momentum, our customers have told us they want more HD programming. The launch of this HD package reinforces DirecTV's commitment to the category, and to offering our customers the best quality high-definition programming."