November 24, 2003


BURBANK - DVS Digital Video ( debuted a new editor capable of 2K and HD work as well as SD, and introduced new, non-compressed HD SAN connectivity options for all major system products at the recent 2003 SMPTE Conference in New York.

"Most noteworthy is the Clipster 2KHD/SD format-independent editing system which just started to ship to US customers in Los Angeles and Atlanta," says Tore Nordahl, head of DVS market and business development in the US. He adds that working with DVS's HDStation-SAN makes "true concurrent content sharing of uncompressed HD material a reality."

Clipster is a realtime HD editing system designed to meet the demands of the modern post house. Based on DVS hardware, Clipster works with non-compressed material in any resolution up to 2K on one timeline. The system stores video material in its native resolution and format, making pre-converting or compressing unnecessary. Clipster accepts material from cameras, telecines or VTRs at any data rate and non-compressed HD and 2K data are input via the standard dual link HD-SDI interface.

Clipster}s hardware enables productive realtime editing of up to 2K in RGB 10 bit. Clips of any resolution, color space or bit depth can be mixed on the timeline at will. The final master's output resolution, too, is also variable.

When integrated into the high-end post workflow, Clipster promises to handle realtime telecine transfer and all subsequent editing of the transferred material. The system's GUI has been designed with the editor in mind and includes segment thumbnails. Project material is always online with all elements available on the same timeline and cuts, dissolves, and wipes are made with a pen.

Clipster runs under Windows and Linux and is compatible with all popular effects and compositing tools.