April 21, 2003


NEW YORK - With the recent purchase of a Sony HDW-M2000 deck, design/editing house Editional Effects (www.editionaleffects.com) can now offer HD down conversion services at its Times Square facility. The new VTR allows producers to shoot on HD formats and then cost effectively post their projects in standard definition, meeting today's delivery requirements.

"We're finding that a lot of producers want to shoot in HD, to get that crisp film-like look," explains Editional Effects president, Michael Gutowitz. "However, they still need to finish in standard definition, because of their network requirements. The high cost of down converting has prevented them from shooting in HD in the past. We're now offering down conversions from HD to Digi Beta at a very affordable price. This will allow producers to get that great look they want and still stay within budget."

Editional Effects regularly works with Viacom properties such as Nichelodeon and MTV. So far, the studio's clients have responded positively to the new service.