June 16, 2003


BRISTOL, UK - Films at 59 (www.filmsat59.com), which specializes in posting natural history and wildlife projects, has added a Teranex StarFilm high definition/standard definition noise reduction system to its list of technology offerings. StarFilm is Teranex's realtime noise reducer for film-originated material. The system includes Xantus, Teranex's realtime "anything-in anything-out" format conversion platform, capable of more than 100 different formation conversions, including NTSC, PAL, SD and HD.

"StarFilm is easy-to-use and extremely efficient at removing dirt without affecting the surrounding image," explains George Panayiotou, managing director for Films at 59. "We use StarFilm on natural history material for the Discovery Channel and the BBC which are distributed around the world. StarFilm is absolutely the industry's best automatic, realtime de-spotter. It's also an ideal tool for film restoration for re-mastering."

Films at 59 wanted flexibility while working in both SD and HD environments. The Teranex Xantus software allows complete format and frame rate conversion, which is important for worldwide delivery formats. Xantus and StarFilm run on Teranex's realtime parallel array processing platform with processor-per-pixel technology.