January 22, 2003


SANTA MONICA - Post studio Goodspot (www.goodspot.com) delivered a 1080i HD promo piece "D-Theater" to Artisan Home Entertainment that will open on all of Artisan's initial domestic D-VHS releases.

Artisan has nine titles including "Terminator 2," "Basic Instinct," "Reservoir Dogs," "Rambo" and "Dirty Dancing" that will be released in the D-VHS format and the promo will showcase the image and sound quality of the new format. Upon completion of the two-and-a-half-minute promo, Goodspot received approval from JVC, developers of D-VHS VCRs that can also play back analog VHS and S-VHS tapes. The D-VHS tapes that boast six times better image quality than DVD includes a JVC copy protection system.

When Artisan committed to the format last year, Goodspot's team led by creative director Sonia Lamba, executive producer Mandy Martin and senior editor Luis Martos were entrusted to produce the promo include designing the elements, selected clips from the movies, creating original animation, sound designing and finishing in HD with 5.1 surround sound.

Editor Martos, who is experienced in editing movie trailers, culled through the nine films choosing moments that would be instantly identifiable to the viewer but as importantly scenes that would showcase the format's superior image and sound quality. He created the complete offline on Avid and then went to post house Complete Post to finish with Discreet Fire and to mix the final audio in the 5.1 digital mixing studio. Complete Post's re-recording mixer Pedro Jimenez, who mixed the trailers for "Spider-Man," "XXX" and "Men in Black II," mixed the sound and also encoded it as a Dolby E data stream, which was printed digitally to the final conformed master.

Original 2d and 3D animation was created in Adobe After Effects and Alias|Wavefront Maya. Music for the promo is the track "Escape Hatch" from The Music Junkies Library.