September 15, 2003


AUSTIN, TX - Boxx Technologies ( is now selling HDBoxx [pro], a 10-bit nonlinear HD editing workstation offering 4:2:2 HD-SDI and YcbrCR video. It is powered by dual Intel Xeon processors and is capable of delivering up to 2TB of internal RAID-3 storage. Delivered with Adobe Premiere Pro, HDBoxx [pro] is a professional, versatile and cost-effective way to edit and deliver HD data.

"HDBoxx [pro] offers a rich suite of nonlinear HD editing tools via the newly released Adobe Premiere Pro software program and the latest in 10-bit high-performance hardware," says Ed Caracappa, director of sales and marketing at Boxx. "Not only will our customers get extremely high-quality HD images, they'll realize that this solution is far more flexible and cost-effective than other offerings."

"With a stronger focus on the video professional, Adobe Premiere Pro now includes HD support," says Richard Townhill, group product manager for Adobe Premiere. "We are pleased that Boxx incorporated Adobe Premiere Pro as the nonlinear editing package of choice for its new HDBoxx [pro] product. Boxx Technologies continues to push the limits of technology in the HD market space by delivering flexible, solid hardware solutions."

HDBoxx also includes multiple nestable timelines, 14 hot-swap drive bays, native YUV processing, three-point color correction, keyframeable visual effects parameters, and customizable keyboard shortcuts. HDBoxx [pro] is available now. Pricing varies with system configuration. Currently, Boxx has no plans to ship HDBoxx with other NLE software packages.