February 21, 2003


NEW YORK - Last year, Rhinoceros Post provided data transfer and color correction for a number of scenes in the Academy Award-nominated Michael Moore documentary "Bowling for Columbine." The studio is now providing services for the upcoming DVD release of the documentary and is continuing its push into the HD arena.

Actor Burt Young recently called on Rhinoceros to handle the high definition finishing of his feature "Murder on Mott Street," and writer/director Jeff Crook tapped the post house for an HD finish of his dark comedy "Sucker Punch."

"The distributor wanted a high-def master, but I wanted to do this from the beginning anyway," says Crook, whose film has secured distribution with Artisan Entertainment. "I knew when the time came to blow it up; I'd want it finished in high definition." Rhinoceros provided HD finishing to several other independent features, including "Grown-Ups," "Rising Low" (directed by Mike Gordon of the band Phish), and "Design," a finalist at the last Sundance Film Festival. Two additional HD longform projects, a dramatic special for television, as well as a feature length comedy, are slated for Rhinoceros finishing within the next two months.

The A&E series "100 Centre Street" has made use of Rhinoceros' HD services since the beginning of its shooting schedule. The show is acquired and finished in HD.

"'100 Centre Street' is really emblematic of the production we've been witnessing, as well as the production methods we are encouraging," says Joe Passarella, chief marketing officer and principal of Rhinoceros' parent company Multi-Video Group. "We are witnessing the rapid growth of HD as a long-form acquisition method. And we encourage clients to master their work in HD, not only for its great quality, but also for its benefit as a powerful post production tool and its diversity as a distribution and re-purposing medium."