February 7, 2003


Angelsmith partners: (Back row, L-R) Tyler Oliver, Nathan May, Eric Oliver, (front row, seated, L-R) Hal Long and Ward Swan.

HOLLYWOOD - Angelsmith(www.angelsmith.net), a newly-formed "filmed and interactive entertainment production and marketing company" recently launched here, offering storytelling services for a variety of mediums. The facility id headed by five partners - president/creative director Tyler Oliver, director/producer Hal Long, producer/interactive media development Nathan May, interactive producer/creative director Eric Oliver and director/creative content producer Ward Swan - and has already completed projects for Sony, CBS TV and RCA Records.

For Sony Pictures' new feature National Security , which stars Martin Lawrence as a loose-cannon security guard, Angelsmith created a Web site designed to spice up the information that most movie-goers are looking for when they come to a theatrical movie site. The site was developed entirely in Flash, supported by a PHP and MySQL back end, and offers the movie trailer, synopsis, cast and crew biographies, a photo gallery, a selection of games, user-created greeting cards, free downloads, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the production, registration for more information, and a sweepstakes area.

Lighthouse Productions called on Angelsmith to design, create and produce a Flash Web site for the upcoming, one-hour documentary, The America's Cup, which will air on CBS, April 27th. Hosted by Walter Cronkite, the special will portray the stories behind the history of The America's Cup, one of the oldest international sports competitions in the world. The Angelsmith-designed site (www.americascupstory.com), will include information about the cast and crew of the special, as well as show synopsis and clips, and will link with the planned E-commerce site for the special in conjunction with the VHS/DVD sales.