August 21, 2003


DENVER - Three years after the company launch in Thorton, CO, Katana Interactive ( has opened a new facility in lower downtown Denver and increased its services to include two SD/HD edit suites, Shake/Maya capabilities and ProTools sound mixing.

"The opportunity here is for clients who are looking to get into both high definition production and postproduction without the prices that you normally see in LA or New York," says Justin R. Allen, president/CEO.

The new location will be used for finishing of independent short films, TV commercials, HD series and corporate work.

Though Katana has been working in HD since its inception, Allen says that only recently has client interest really started to rise. Katana Interactive co-owner/president of creative services Gewan Brown sees the investment in HD as an important element of Katana's future. "HD is the future of television post production both in the United States and internationally," he says. "As we strive for improvements in quality of post production techniques, HD offers all the flexibility that we need to produce world-class content while providing the opportunity to cover all delivery formats. It also offers a significant improvement in applications for cinema release as well as a viable alternative for the production of feature films on HD instead of blowing up from Super 16mm."