April 3, 2003


ISLANDIA, NY – CBC Media (www.cbcmedia.com) and its in-house production arm Studio57 have purchased a Sony HDW-F900 camera and a Sony HDW-F500 recorder, bringing high definition production capabilities to eastern Long Island. The studio sees the new 24p camera as a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to shooting on 35mm film and can offer complimentary HD post production services in-house. CBC can also downconvert HD-originated material for clients who prefer to edit in standard definition.

Company president/CEO Madj Ebadi says CBC is seeing an increase in the number of HDTV productions in the New York area and decided that now is the time to bring this technology to bear in his facility. "Having the original image recorded in high definition gives us tremendous possibilities," he says, "much like an original 35mm negative does in traditional cinematography."

CBC's Studio57 is one of Long Island's largest production stages, measuring approximately 65-x-150 feet. The facility also offers animation services via Discreet 3DS Max, Alias|Wavefront Maya, and Softimage|XSI, and editing services using Discreet Edit and Scitex Stratasphere systems. When Post stopped by the year-old facility, it was testing - and considering upgrading to - a Discreet Smoke system running on an SGI workstation.

CBC moved into its current 18,000-square-foot location in December of 2001. It previously operated out of a 6,000-square-foot studio in Port Washington, also on Long Island. It regularly works with local clients BOCES and PC Richard & Son.