January 20, 2003


HOLLYWOOD, CA - Post Logic Studios purchased the Celco Fury digital film recorder to aid its foray into the digital intermediate field.

Henry Ball, Digital Imaging Supervisor/Senior Engineer at Post Logic Studios, says, "The Celco FURY has moved flawlessly into our workflow. Our scanning and restoration work all integrate seamlessly with the Fury. The images are beautiful as well as consistent, and we have received praise from the most demanding people in the business. In addition, with the Fury's ability to shoot intermediate stock as well as original camera negatives on Kodak 5245, we have a competitive advantage when we need to give HD video and CG acquisition a truly natural film-type 'look' with real natural film grain."

Ball also says use of the Fury enables Post Logic to expose an interpositive directly to the film, thereby saving the generational loss normally experienced in the lab. "Striking original negative for theatrical release puts the audience only one generation away from the negative instead of three," he explains. "The result is an image that is sharper than ever before experienced."

The Fury, Celco's latest advance in digital film recording technology, will output a high-resolution frame of film in one second. Facilities such as Post Logic will be able to output approximately 60 minutes of high-resolution digital film per day.

The Fury's one-second speed includes both high definition and 2K images onto Kodak 5245 camera negative stock, and less than two seconds per frame for a full Cineon density range 2K image onto Kodak intermediate 2242 film stock. The system is also capable of very high-speed output of any resolution up to 4K or higher for larger format purposes such as 70mm. The Fury can output any type of film stock, including color and black and white intermediate and camera negative stocks. In addition, the new system can also output to multiple film formats including 16mm, 35mm, and 65mm 5, 8, 10, and 15-perf (IMAX format).