July 29, 2003


NEW YORK -Psyop (www.psyop.tv) recently completed "Summertime," a commercial for the new Ford convertible Street Ka via Ogilvy & Mather London. The spot began airing July 19, 2003 in Germany, and July 24 in England.

"Summertime" takes viewers on a hot and sexy joy ride as a woman chases the arcing sun. Thrilled by her ride through a sizzling desert, colored by vivid oranges, reds, and yellows, she enters her dreamscape of summertime bliss. She dances amongst waves of blooming flowers, luscious lips collide and dragonflies swirl.

"Summertime" blends 35mm, motion control footage of the Street Ka and woman with stunning, carefully designed CG worlds of the desert environment and dream sequence. The spot was prevized in 3D using Softimage|XSI, edited in After Effects, and the 3D camera data was used to shoot the car and girl with a motion control camera.

The car was modeled in XSI and tracked to the live action shots to allow the car to exactly reflect the surrounding 3D environment. Multiple passes were generated in 3D and combined together with the live action shots and other textural shot elements in Flame. The dream sequence was also a combination of live action, 3D and 2D elements, all brought together in the Flame.