April 28, 2003


MADISON, WI - Sonic Foundry is now offering a special promotion in which buyers of its nonlinear video editor Vegas 4.0 or Vegas + DVD will receive $150 worth of free video media . The latest releases of Vegas now supports HD and 24p formats.

Sonic Foundry is also hosting a competition dubbed "The Vegas 90-Day Challenge," where the company is soliciting :60 spots from users that promote its Vegas tool. The idea is for users to visualize why Vegas is "a superior platform for multimedia creation."

Details can be found online at: http://www.sonicfoundry.com/vegas90. Those entering the contest are also asked to provide a :10 bumper promoting their services. Sonic Foundry is giving away more than $15,000 worth or prizes during the promotional campaign, including an HP PC, software and recording media.