October 5, 2004


MIAMI - Jeff Sternberger and Michael Coe, co-founders of edit house JefCo Editorial, have joined forces with Outpost Audio founder/engineer Steve Johnston to form 2150 (www.2150.tv), a new full-service post production facility. The studio boasts three Avid Media Composer suites, as well as three Digidesign Pro Tools suites and a Discreet Smoke system.

Coe and Sternberger share CEO duties at the new venture. They have worked with Johnston numerous times throughout the years. The trio first met in the early 1990s when they were colleagues at Limelight Video, the Miami post facility that later became Edefx. All three later started up their own companies, with Sternberger setting up Jefferson Edit, Coe creating Coe Creative Post and Johnston forming Outpost Audio.

Sternberger hopes the joining of their collective talents and companies will be a huge boon to the South Florida production community, as many productions currently come to Florida, but leave to do their post elsewhere.

"Hopefully the combination of talent and convenience will provide a compelling reason for those productions to finish their projects here," he says. "We're out to prove to producers that it makes sense to stay here for all their audio, editing and visual effects needs." For Johnston, the bigger goal for 2150 is to bring the company's collective skills to nationwide attention, while also maintaining the boutique-style creative vision that made the individual companies so successful.

Rounding out the 2150 staff is: Outpost's operations manager Debbie Johnston, producer Maria Paredes, executive producer Mike Charves, director of client services Nancy Sternberger, client services coordinator Sandra Gross and assistant editor Diana Martinez. Mike Nonelle will be featured on the Discreet Smoke system.