June 11, 2004


LOS ANGELES - 3 Ring Circus recently completed work on two HDTV awareness campaigns for Premier Retail Networks, a major retail television network. The "This is HDTV" and "What is HDTV, A-Z" campaigns consists of more than 20 spots containing dynamic graphics along with NBC talent, such as Frasier's Kelsey Grammar, who take consumers through the HD television platform, providing them with both entertainment and clear information.

"Creatively, the challenge was to come up with an environment which could highlight multiple product benefits and allow talent to interact with the HDTV technology," explains 3 Ring Circus creative director Maziar Majd. "Using the Internet as inspiration, we created a kind of hyper information world to meet these challenges."

All of the 1080i spots were produced using 3 Ring Circus' new HD suite which features a Mac G5 running Final Cut Pro HD, a high definition monitor, and ample storage for the large files. 3 Ring Circus credits include executive producer John Sideropoulos, director Vincent Misiano, producer Mark Haffenreffer, and designers/animators Andrew Hoevler, Bruno Bruhwiler, Joel Lava, Adam Swaab and Earl Burnley Jr.

MikeTownshend of Townshend Productions handled 3D animation. Markus Kim and Brian Yarnell were Adobe After Effects artists.