October 28, 2004


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Euphonix (www.euphonix.com) is at this year's AES show with the MC Intelligent Application Controller, a workstation control surface featuring a full-sized keyboard with dual trackballs, 56 LCD SmartSwitches, four faders, nine rotary controls and a monitoring section. The MC connects to a host workstation computer, running an MC driver, via Ethernet. The workstation essentially sees the MC as a normal keyboard and trackball. The unit's LCD display SmartSwitches can be programmed to send complex macros and simple keystroke commands and can be named so their function is obvious. Users can lay out keys in any order and with any function to build a surface that matches their way of working.

Euphonix's EuCon protocol has been adapted to allow the MC and the company's System 5 console range to have high-speed network access to any function in a EuCon software application. MIDI, for example, lacks the speed and complexity necessary to control applications such as workstations or video editors at a professional level. The EuCon protocol is bi-directional, allowing the MC to receive high-speed data such as metering and processing status graphics from the EuCon software running on the workstation for display on the MC surface. When used with a EuCon-aware application such as Steinberg?s Nuendo or Merging?s Pyramix, the MC can very tightly integrate with the application for fast and intuitive control.

The MC includes Euphonix's Studio Monitor Pro which provides professional surround sound monitoring control for the MC's surface. Euphonix says the MC will be available in March 2005.