November 16, 2004


BRUSSELS - Alea Jacta's owners Franco Piscopo and Manu de Boissieu recently made the decision to update their operation with two Soundtracs DS-00 digital consoles, plus five expanders.

The studio was originally equipped with analog consoles, but Piscopo and de Boissieu decided they needed something more flexible. "When we were working with the analogue consoles we were limited to 80 inputs and it wasn't physically possible to have more because of the width of the studio," explains Piscopo. "So we decided to go digital. We wanted to have full automation on all the settings as well as expandability and we did a lot of testing. We found the Soundtracs DS-00 to be very user friendly, dynamic and really easy to use. As a rule, anyone who stands near the console understands what we are doing, which is great for us."

The two DS-00s are linked via a MADI connection giving 190 inputs, with 39 busses on each output allowing 80 plus outputs. External monitoring of each console allows the two outputs to be mixed and the external monitor settings are used for levels, muting, etc. They are connected to a ProTools system, a Pyramix system and two TASCAM MX2424s.

Alea Jacta's Brussels-based studio provides much of France and Belgium's film industry with comprehensive post services, working on major productions including "Calvaire," "Mme Edouard," "Viva Laldjérie," "25 en hiver," "Haut les coeurs" and Frédéric Fonteyne's most recent film, "La Femme de Gille."