December 29, 2004


NEW YORK - Big Foote Music and Sound Design ( moved beyond traditional on-air spots and promos with a series of feature film projects. After first stepping into short films last year with the documentary, "Boys of Second Street Park," - the company announced a string of new projects including a collaboration with Jigsaw Productions (makers of the critically acclaimed "Martin Scorsese presents The Blues") on their latest project about corporate greed in America, a documentary on boxer Emile Griffith, and "Noise."

In "Noise," Joyce (Trish Goff), a young divorcee and recovering alcoholic, moves into a too good to be true Manhattan apartment only to find out her upstairs neighbor Charlotte (Ally Sheedy) holds nighttime hours that make her life a living hell. Charlotte tortures Joyce to the point that she loses grip of her job, health and sanity. Big Foote's Paul Riggio created the music of the film. "It's a big factor in helping the visual emotion of the film to come to life," said Lance Doty, producer of the film as well as executive producer of Homestead Editorial. "It is rare to work with someone like Paul who immediately understands, in musical terms, the rhythm and the pace necessary to enhance the tone of a film." The documentary on the life of boxer Emile Griffith is the second movie Ron Berger and Dan Klores collaborated on. If follows Emile's life as a boxer and how his life spun out of control after he killed a man in the ring. The music is a mix of very organic sounds which stems from having its roots in Cuba and sad tones reflecting the tragedy of the story.