November 12, 2004


AUSTIN, TX - Boxx Technologies ( has entered into an agreement with Alias to offer Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited software as 3D software solutions for its workstations.

"We are very pleased to be certified by Alias to offer Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited on Boxx workstations," says Reese Gautschi, director of marketing at Boxx. "Boxx workstations are built from the ground-up to deliver application-tuned performance, upgradeability and reliability that creative professionals demand for popular 3D design and animation programs like Maya. Now our customers can quickly enhance their workstation by adding the robust features of Maya - delivered pre-configured and pre-optimized by Boxx."

"Maya's innovative features for 3D modeling and animation are greatly enhanced by high-performance workstations like those offered by Boxx," says Rob Hoffmann, senior Maya product manager at Alias. "With this agreement between Boxx and Alias now in place, animators and artists purchasing Boxx workstations will be able to efficiently incorporate Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited into their production pipelines."

Maya Complete is priced at $1,999 and Maya Unlimited is offered at $6,999. Both are currently available for purchase with any Boxx workstation.