July 27, 2004


SAN FRANCISCO - Crescendo! Studios has launched Resonante Music & Sound Design, a new division that will provide creative music and sound design services, as well as broaden the studio's national appeal. According to Crescendo!'s director of operations Cindy McSherry, the studio often provides these services, but this dedicated division - offering music and sound design - will formally round out the studio's offerings and make it more attractive to clients outside the San Francisco area.

Serving as lead sound designer/composer for Resonante is Dave Baker, who has a long history with Crescendo! Studios, having moved up the ranks from an assistant engineer when the company opened in 1996 to a senior mixer. He mixed for Crescendo! as a staffer until 2000 and then as a freelancer. For Crescendo!, he recently provided sound design for Saturn's :30 "Door Music" spot. He also provided an original music score for Kashi cereal's :30 "Temptation Monster" spot. "I'm absolutely thrilled about offering these services with Crescendo through Resonante," says baker. "I've had a long-term, extremely positive relationship with the studio, and it's just tough to imagine a partnership that makes more sense. Sound design is an interesting process, taking a creative concept and finding out what sonically and musically is going to make that concept really happen, really make it effective. I enjoy the process, and it's very gratifying when you hit on that right idea."