December 16, 2004


LONDON - Curious Software ( has released Version 2.6 of its Curious gFx Pro and gFx Pro+ raster paint, rotoscoping and retouch software packages. The releases include new features and improvements in both functionality and their user interfaces.

A new option has been added to allow for local "Storage of Painted Material" in the same directory as a saved project, rather than in a central depository. This makes projects easily portable from one computer to another.

A large number of new features have been added to extend the flexibility and quality of painting and roto tools, including interactively adjustable feathered brush profiles, nudging and numerical setting of the background offset for merge painting, frame locking for time-offset merge painting and the addition of repeatable random simulated film grain to brush strokes.

Tracking can now be applied to paint macros so that recorded painting operations can be made to follow any tracked point. Tracks can also be smoothed after creation, and the tracking user interface has been improved in a number of areas. Other, additions include automatic scaling of tracked areas according to the image resolution and direct visual feedback of the color channels being tracked.