August 31, 2004


DALY CITY, CA - Digidesign is now shipping Pro Tools TDM 6.4.1 software for Pro Tools|24 Mix. The new free release will be the final Pro Tools software release to support the Pro Tools|24 MIX product line.

Pro Tools 6.4.1 software provides Pro Tools|24 Mix owners with new features, and also helps to maintain session compatibility with current Pro Tools|HD-series systems with features like +12 dB fader gain. For Mac OS X users, Pro Tools 6.4.1 software adds Panther support, and for both Mac OS X and Windows XP platforms, it contains a subset of the new features found in Pro Tools TDM 6.4 software (now shipping with Pro Tools|HD), along with some Pro Tools|24 Mix-specific bug fixes. In addition to +12 dB fader gain, new Pro Tools TDM 6.4.1 features include support for the new Command|8 control surface,Track Position Numbering with "Scroll to Track Number," Hierarchical Plug-in Menus, and support for 23.976 fps.

Pro Tools|24 Mix system owners registered for Pro Tools TDM 6.0 or newer software can download Pro Tools TDM 6.4.1 for free or can purchase the Pro Tools TDM 6.4.1 CD for Pro Tools|24 Mix (cross-platform) for $4.95. Pro Tools|24 Mix system owners who have registered Pro Tools TDM software versions below 6.0 can purchase the Pro Tools TDM 6.4.1 CD for Pro Tools|24 Mix for $35 US through the online DigiStore. An important note: Pro Tools|24 Mix systems are not compatible with the Apple Power Mac G5.