August 23, 2004


BURBANK - Digital Dimension ( had just eight weeks to pull off 64 visual effects shots for Warner Bros.? new horror feature "Exorcist: The Beginning." The studio handled a range of effects, from greenscreen removal to creating animated 3D crow characters that required enough detail to fill up the screen.

According to Digital Dimension president Ben Girard, the CG crows were developed in parallel: as part of the Digital Dimension team modeled and lit the characters, another team worked on fur and feathers.

CG supervisor Stephane Barbin says the team used Discreet 3DS Max to develop the characters. The studio also used a combination of Character Studio, Turbo Squid HairFX and Di-O-Matic Morph-O-Matic along with Eyeon's Digital Fusion for compositing.

The facility also recently served as lead visual effects studio on the upcoming films "Blade: Trinity" and "Cellular." It completed numerous visual effects shots for "Scooby Doo 2" and "A Cinderella Story" as well.