December 30, 2004


KENNESAW, GA - Since introducing its 3-chip DLP(tm) Professional series projector earlier this year, the 2048 x 1080 native resolution Lightning 35HD, Digital Projection International (DPI) has sales of the projector to a number of top staging companies for use in large-venue, wide format applications. DPI believes the increasing use of widescreen projection through 2004 is a clear indication that 2005 will be a banner year for the adoption of widescreen formats in staged events.

Many of the companies investing in fleets of Lightning 35HD 'Professional' series projectors are widely perceived as the staging industry's trendsetters. Among those purchasing the DPI's flagship projector, American Hi Tech Rentals (Houston), LMG (Orlando), Media Solutions (Las Vegas) and VER (Los Angeles) have notably contributed to supporting the industry-wide movement to the platform.

Les M. Goldberg, founder, president and chief executive of LMG, has grown his business into a multi-million-dollar service provider with offices nationwide, by being among the first-to-market with leading-edge technologies. According to him, LMG will soon be offering a multitude of exclusive high-definition solutions and services, and DPI's Lightning 35HD is an important part of these plans.

"We've invested millions of dollars in HD, and Digital Projection's Lightning 35HD is an integral part of that investment," said Goldberg. "Digital Projection offered LMG the right product at the right time."

DPI has already experienced the ripple effect from these fleet sales. Most recently, New York City-based K2 Imaging completed a project at Radio City Music Hall, utilizing Lightning 35HD to display live 'red carpet' coverage during a movie premieres.

"HD content and widescreen projection is obviously reaching a step increase in utilization", said Mike Levi, president of Digital Projection, Inc. "A number of companies considering their investments in HD hardware are now encouraged to make purchase commitments because they see clear evidence that the investment is justified by future returns. We are grateful to the our first customers, the visionary early adopters, for predicting the trend, taking the lead and making the capabilities of the Lightning 35HD available to their top show producers and event planners."