October 25, 2004


GAINESVILLE, FL - Evolve Media Solutions (www.WeAreMarketing.com) recently completed work on the identity for The New Screen Broadcasting Network, a network with an artist-driven philosophy geared toward advancing the artistic quality, imagination and vision of individuals. Since there were no previous visuals to reference, the goal of the project was to establish a logo and a color palette that conveyed the passion of the network and the enthusiasm of their ideas.

According to Evolve's managing creative director Michael Munkittrick, hues of blue, gold and deep gray were used in an effort to offer the sense of stability that would display the network's commitment to the artists, and the shape evocative of a picture frame or television screen slightly tilted used to present a new perspective.

"The major factor for us and the New Screen executives is that most contemporary artists start with a proverbial 'blank canvas', and in that vein, we did so as well by assigning as little definition to the identity as possible."

The package includes six network bumper identifiers, three specialty intros for specific program material and a small contingent of associative graphics of animated lower-third titles, motion backgrounds as well as a small group of keyable overlays for program titles.

3D elements were created within Maxon's Cinema 4D XL and 3D texture and projection maps were created using Adobe Photoshop. Particle generation was handled using Wondertouch's Particle Illusion and final compositing was accomplished in Adobe After Effects. Evolve uses a combination of Dell Precision workstations and Power Mac G4s.

All of the master material was distributed on DVD as uncompressed media and on both DVCAM and Beta SP for air and review respectively.